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Airstar 1200 S

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Numer katalogowy: 80002
EAN: 8594197901834
EAN red: 8594197901841
Wydajność: 18 (W)
Wymiary: 190 x 120 x 120
Waga: 1.40 kg
Objętość powietrza: 1200 l/h
Objętość wody: 2000 l/h
Gwarancja (miesiące): 36
Odpowiedni do odpieniacza ATB: ATB Small, Small Deluxe, Elegance 200
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Airstar 1200 S

Introducing a completely new model of Airstar S Series Skimmer pumps. These are super quiet pumps with proportional power control, fitted with a needle impeller of the ATB design. Our innovative Airstar S series pumps use the latest Sine Wawe power management technology, which makes it extremely quiet and economical. Thanks to the use of the finest materials, precise CNC machining and the expanded head design, minimal pressure losses occur. Careful design and subsequent accurate  production of Venturi nozzle, installed in our Airstar series pumps, ensure the perfect performance of your Skimmer. Thanks to the use of high-quality ceramic bearings and rotor axis from technical, high-strength ceramics, we can offer a 2 year warranty to our Airstar S pumps.

Technical parameters:

  • ATB Airstar 1200 S art. No. 100001
  • Power consumption 14 Watts
  • Output 1200 l / h air, 2000 l / h water
  • Dimensions length 190 x width 120 x height 120
  • Connection dimensions outflow ø 25 mm
  • Venturi nozzle, air port
  • Weight 1.40 kg



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