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ATB PO4 Phosphate remover

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Numer katalogowy: 110001
EAN: 8594197902428
Wymiary: cca 2 - 5 mm
Waga: 1.00 kg
Gwarancja (miesiące): 24
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ATB PO4 Phosphate remover

High level of phosphates and organic substances promote undesirable algae growth and damage the health of aquarium residents.
ECOPhos is an iron-based phosphate remover that helps to remove phosphates and silicates from sea water.
It is waterproof and does not release any pollutants into the water. It does not change the pH of water. It has high absorption  abilities.
It can be used for long-term use in all filter systems.

Recommended amount of 100-200 ml per 200 liters for a normally loaded tank.



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