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Protein skimmer pumps

Airstar 3000 Askoll

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Numero di catalogo: 80007
EAN: 8594197901995
EAN (rosso) : 8594197902008
Prestazioni : 54 (W)
Dimensioni: 210 x 130 x 200
Peso: 4.60 kg
Volume d'aria: 3000 l/h
Volume d'acqua: 4000 l/h
Garanzia (mesi) : 24
Adatto per schiumatoi ATB: ATB Super size, Giga size, Giga Deluxe
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Airstar 3000 Askoll

Introducing inovated 2. generation of pumps for skimmers the Airstar Askol series. These are super silent pumps fitted with a ATB construction needle impeller. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, precision machining on CNC machines and the innovative design of the expansion volute, minimal pressure losses occur. Careful design and subsequent precision production of the Venturi nozzle, installed in our Airstar Askol series pumps, is a guarantee for the perfect performance of your skimmer. You can connect our pumps to air supply and also to ozon supply. For Airstar Askol pump series we are using nowadays favorite stators of type Askol, known between aquarists for its robustness and extraordinary toughness. Thanks to the use of titanium bonding material, high-quality ceramic bearings and a rotor axis from technical, high-strength ceramics, we can offer a 2 year warranty on our Airstar Askol series pumps.


Technical parameters:

  • ATB Airstar 3000 Askol art. No. 100006
  • Power consumption 54 Watts
  • Output 2600 l / h air, 4000 l / h water
  • Dimensions length 210 x width 130 x height 200
  • Connection dimensions outflow ø 32 mm
  • Venturi nozzle, air port, ozon port
  • Weight 4,6 kg



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