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Reattore di alghe

AR 250

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Numero di catalogo: 50005
EAN: 8594197901032
Adatto per volume di sistema fino a :  
Basso biocarico
6000 l
Elevato carico full Sps
3000 l
Prestazioni : 15 W
Dimensioni: 340 x 400 x 1100
Peso: 7.00 kg
Per acquari fino a: 6000 l
Garanzia (mesi) : 24
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AR 250

ATB algae reactors use macroalgae (specifically Chaetomorpha) to filter and process nutrients. The unique design of ATB AR reactors includes an innovative light source of its own design, maximizing the efficiency of light distribution in the reactor. The light rod technology made of a special light guide material keeps the LEDs running outside the reactor, thus ensuring maximum light transmission and longevity, and at the same time dissipates heat outside your aquarium. The LEDs are selected to provide the optimal light spectrum for fast macroalgae growth. Optimal distribution and processing of nutrients is ensured by an even flow of water through the macroalgae. Thanks to the ball valve, the flow in the reactor can be continuously controlled.

ATB AR reactors can also be located externally outside the filtration and function as a separate filtration system. They are designed to replace existing filtration methods such as GFO (granular iron oxide), nitrate reactors, biopellets or carbon dosing. AR reactors do what the other filtration methods do not offer. Thanks to the reverse light cycle, when the aquarium lighting is switched off at night, the AR reactor is switched on, increase and stabilize the Ph, which otherwise decreases at night, reduce the concentration of dissolved CO2 and stabilize the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. ATB AR reactors are simple but sophisticated designs. The aquarist can easily remove the light that forms one piece with the transparent lid of the reactor to check the inside of the opaque acrylic chamber and check the growth of macroalgae.

Do you have a calcium reactor?

The lid of the ATB AR reactor is equipped with a port for connecting the outlet of the Calcium Reactor. The water fed from the calcium reactor mixes with most of the water entering the AR reactor and makes contact with the macroalgae. They get rid of excess CO2 and phosphate before entering the aquarium.

ATTENTION!!! Do not use AR reactors in combination with carbon dosing, NO reactors, biopellet reactors, GFO (granular iron oxide) These are competing filtration methods and algae in the reactor would not grow.

Recommended pump - Sicce 5.5, recommended flow: 4000 - 5000 l / h


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