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Biopellets ATB

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Biopellets ATB

Biopellets to reduce nitrates (NO3) and phosphates (PO4)

We offer the following packaging:

0.5 l bag

1 l bag

Filtration using NP biopellets is a probiotic method in which, thanks to heterotrophic marine bacteria, biomass grows by nitrification and denitrification in the presence of an organic carbon source. NP Biopellets from ATB enable targeted degradation of nitrates and phosphates in seawater aquariums.

The composition is made of 100% biodegradable polymers, they are also a support for colonization and a source of nutrition for bacteria designed to degrade nitrates and phosphates.

Bacteria use NP Biopellets as a carbon source (energy source) and nitrates with phosphates in the aquarium water as a source of nitrogen and phosphates. NO3 and PO4 wastes are thus converted into microbial biomass extracted from the aquarium by a defoamer.

The waste generated during this conversion provides an additional source of nutrition (bacterial plankton) for the filter (corals, sponges, etc.).

Biopellets must be used in a reactor - fluid filter.

Depending on the water flow in the reactor, it is possible to focus on either phosphate degradation (fast flow) or nitrates (slow flow).


50 ml / 100 l of aquarium water


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