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Valvola di scarico per RO

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Valvola di scarico per RO

Reverse osmosis flush valve
The rinsing valve is used for intensive rinsing of the membrane, eg for longer ones
shutdown of the unit for more than about 5-7 days. This can lead to bacterial growth
on the surface of the membrane, which clogs its fine pores. Its regular use therefore
we extend the life of the membrane.

Use of flush valve
Before starting the reverse osmosis, open the rinsing valve, which closes the water supply
to the flow restrictor.
1. Open the reverse osmosis supply valve for approx. 2-4 minutes. With the rinse open
the valve water jet rinses the membrane surface intensively and all the water flows into the waste.
2. Close the flush valve and the unit will start operating normally.
The rinsing valve is also suitable for rinsing new pre-filters after their replacement,
when water flows only through the prefilters and around the membrane.


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