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Filtro meccanico in linea per Hobby RO

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EAN (rosso) : 8594197902091
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Filtro meccanico in linea per Hobby RO

In-line mechanical pre-filter for reverse osmosis
Replacement prefilter Reverse osmosis RO 75 + 100 GPD Standard
In-line sludge prefilter made of polypropylene foam removing rust, sand, mud
from 10 microns upwards. Exchange according to the pollution of the incoming water to the RO approx. after 3-6 months
(without fittings these are used from the old filter).

10 "x 2.0" sedimentation in-line filter with 1/4 "threads
Maximum flow 1 liter / min
Capacity 3-6 thousand liters
Use for RO of all manufacturers

In-line prefilters come without fittings these are used from old filters and them
it is necessary to "pack with Teflon tape".


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