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Impianti osmosi inversa

Osmosi inversa RO 100 GPD Hobby + RO Scambiatore ionico + valvola di scarico

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EAN (rosso) : 8594197902008
Dimensioni: 250 x 350 x 120
Peso: 5.00 kg
Garanzia (mesi) : 24
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Osmosi inversa RO 100 GPD Hobby + RO Scambiatore ionico + valvola di scarico

Complete reverse osmosis with 100 GPD membrane (385 l/24 h) with additional RO / DI filter and
flush valve. This reverse osmosis is equipped with an in-line mechanical prefilter.

In-line sludge prefilter made of polypropylene foam removing rust, sand, mud from 10 microns upwards

Exchange according to the pollution of the incoming water to the RO approx. after 3-6 months

10 "x 2.0" sedimentation in-line filter with 1/4 "threads with fittings

Maximum flow 1 liter / min

Shelf life 3-6 months, 3-6 thousand liters

In-line pre-filter with activated carbon

In-line activated carbon filter. Removes 99% chlorine and 96% lead. In-line, granular filling

Activated carbon is made from high quality activated carbon from coconut shells. Removes

organic matter and chlorine from water before entering the reverse osmosis membrane. 10 "x 2.0" carbon in-line

filter equipped with 1/4 "threads with fittings. Maximum flow 1 liter / min. Service life 3 - 6 months, 10000 liters

(2,642 gal).

RO / DI (refillable) in-line filter, where the "mixbed" PUROLITE of the highest quality is used, anex mixture

and cation exchange resin serve as a purification stage for the output of reverse osmosis - when required to achieve ultrapure

water. Production of 99.9% pure water. It is possible to achieve a conductivity of less than 0.1 uS / cm. Decisive additional

final treatment with higher contamination of the incoming water, eg phosphates, silicates, which may be included in tap water

with surface water treatment suitable especially for marine aquaristics, laboratories. When exhausted

replaces the cartridge.

Service life approx. 100-1600 liters (according to the degree of pollution).

We recommend regular measurement of the produced water.

Filling content: approx. 0.4 liters.

Max. temperature: 38 ° C

Max. flow: approx. 1.9 liters / min

Minimum temperature: 2 ° C

100 GPD membrane output in the Czech water supply network in 24 hours approx. 100 - 300 liters according to connection conditions.

All spare parts in stock.


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