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Pompe skimmer

Pompa Sicce SDC 4000 Wifi connection, compatible with Apex (24V)

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Numero di catalogo: 100017
EAN: 8594197903272
Prestazioni : 50 (W)
Dimensioni: 100 x 185 x 150
Peso: 3.20 kg
Volume d'aria: 3500 l/h
Volume d'acqua: 5000 l/h
Garanzia (mesi) : 60
Adatto per schiumatoi ATB: ATB Normal, Super, Giga Size
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Pompa Sicce SDC 4000 Wifi connection, compatible with Apex (24V)

SYNCRA SDC are the latest generation of SYNCRA pumps and are equipped with integrated intelligence systems to meet the needs of advanced recirculating applications. With programming freedom, controllability is finally coupled with power, energy efficiency, inline or submersible use, and low heat production. SYNCRA SDC  are managed by an easy to use controller and with the free download of the new ContrALL app these pumps can be kept under control and programmed wherever internet access is available. ContrALL includes an alert system which keeps the end user updated in real time with the status of the pump.

Key Features


- For internal and external use

- Rotor with self-cleaning function

- Thermal protection of the pump in case of water clogging or overheating

- Silicone feet to prevent vibrations and noise

- 24 V transformer

- High-strength ceramics axes and bearings

- Easy assembly, disassembly and maintenance without tools

- 5 year warranty


- Intuitive operation

- 10 min. pause for feeding

- Magnetic holder

ContrAll software:

- Free download on the Internet

- Emergency call to your phone if water supply, dry running, overheating or signal loss

- Integrated water temperature sensor


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