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Automatic Zeolite filter Super size

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Catalogue number: 60007
EAN: 8594197901285
EAN (red): 8594197901292
Dimensions: 330 x 360 x 620
Weight: 11.30 kg
Warranty (months): 60
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Automatic Zeolite filter Super size

ATB Automatic Zeolite filters are used to place zeolite gravel.
Simple and practical design allows regular automatic washing of zeolite to remove surface deposits on individual stones. These deposits would otherwise prevent optimal filtration.
ATB Automatic Zeolite Filter comes with two pumps.
The primary pump is used for continuous controlled flushing of the filter and the secondary pump provides a one-time, powerful flush at regular intervals. The secondary pump is equipped with an ATB venturi nozzle. Thanks to this sophisticated solution, the pump also sucks the air during flushing. Enriched water / air mixture regenerates the zeolite filter charge much better and increases significantly its efficiency.

Technical parameters:

- a volume of 14 liters of zeolite

- for systems up to 5000 l

- Filter weight 11,3 kg

- Supplied with two Airstar 4000 W pumps



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