ATB Aquarium Technik Burian s.r.o.
Nové sady 2, Brno



About us

Dear Sea aquarium friends, let us briefly introduce our company and the history of the ATB brand. Like many other manufacturers and nowadays well known brands in our business, our company has begun in small steps, and after the first successful attempts to produce marine aquarium technology, our rich, professional history has begun since 2001. The history of the brand that has been produced for hobby aquarists, but also large professional systems and tanks, over 5000 skimmers, filters and other technological equipment. Right from the very beginning, we have been focusing on products with high added value and our goal has always been only premium quality. Our philosophy: ""Use only premium material, work with high productivity with the use of modern machines and equipment, constantly increase our skills and use our own experience"", we have always tried to keep. Another of our priorities is continuous innovation both in design and used materials, as well as in working and manufacturing processes. We firmly believe, that you can choose from a wide range of our products and services. We wish you many beautiful moments, at your reef, whether it is a small nano reef or a large aquarium. Your ATB Team