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Calcium reactors and kalkstirrers

CO2 bottle for Ca reactors 2 kg

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Catalogue number: 30011
EAN: 8594197900882
Suitable for system volume up to:  
Low bio-load
High bio-load
Performance: 0 W
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 550
Weight: 7.50 kg
For tanks up to: 4000 l
Warranty (months): 24
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CO2 bottle for Ca reactors 2 kg

The bottle is under pressure:

Use with caution, do not expose to sunlight or temperatures above 50 ° C. The bottle is closed by a valve and is equipped with a safety pressure valve. Keep out of the reach of children. If you stop using it, pass it on for recycling. Connect to the ATB set for the Ca reactors and tighten carefully with the key. Never lubricate or give lubricant to joint or nut !!!

Weight 6 kg
CO2 volume 2 kg
Test pressure: 165 bar


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