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ATB Hybrid pot cleaning for Normal Size

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Series: ATB Classic line
Catalogue number: 20045
EAN: 8594197903241
Suitable for system volume up to:  
Low bio-load
0 l
High bio-load
0 l
Air volume:
Volume of water:
Performance: 0 W
Dimensions: 0 mm
Packaging: 0 mm
Weight: 3.50 kg
Water level height in the sump:
For tanks up to:
Warranty (months): 24
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ATB Hybrid pot cleaning for Normal Size

ATB Automatic pot cleaning is an excellent helper that will significantly increase the efficiency of your skimmer and save you time. It is not necessary to wash the skimmer head so often when using it. For optimal function of the skimmer, it is necessary to keep its inner wall constantly smooth and clean, which is now much easier thanks to the installation of automatic pot cleaning. 

Thanks to our sophisticated design, we use not only mechanical cleaning with brushes, but also double rinsing. From the inside, the skimmer head is washed with seawater from the aquarium, which then returns to it, and from the outside, fresh water from an external source, which then drains into the waste. This prevents water loss and at the same time contamination of the system with water from an external source. Thanks to our ingenious solution, the chemical and biological balance in your aquarium is maintained.

The system for automatic cleaning and rinsing of the skimmer head includes a water pump for rinsing with seawater from the aquarium.

ATB hybrid pot cleaning head is equipped with a slow-running electric motor with a safe voltage of 12 V

The optimal switching cycle is about 2 times a day for 30 sec - 1 minute.


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