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Filtration materials

ATB zeolite gravel 4 - 8 mm

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ATB zeolite gravel 4 - 8 mm


We offer the following packaging:

1 l bag

5 l bucket

25 l bag

Why use ATB Zeolite reactor in your aquarium?

Due to its porosity, ATB Zeolite has many times larger "cleaning" area than, for example, sand. If you pour water over the sand, it is mechanically cleaned only between the individual sand grains, while if you pour water in front of the zeolite, which is very porous, water flows through the individual grains - the cleaning effect is much higher.

- The ATB Zeolite reactor is optimal for using zeolite

- Zeolite is not only used to capture mechanical impurities (visible impurities in the aquarium), but it uses three cleaning mechanisms. The first mechanism is the capture of physical impurities (visible impurities). The second mechanism is the absorption of pollutants due to the extremely large grain area of ​​the mineral. The third mechanism is chemical water purification - the zeolite contains calcium, magnesium and sodium ions within its structure which it is able to exchange for pollutants such as ammonia which is very often present in water. In addition, zeolite has the ability to absorb a variety of organic impurity molecules that are also present in water. It can also kill some unwanted bacteria and algae to some extent.

Select untreated natural zeolite of various grain sizes, ideal for use in ATB Zeolite reactors.

There are a few basic rules to follow:

- Zeolite must always be clean

- Water flow in the filter always from bottom to top

- Ideal flow 400 l / h per 1 l Zeolite

- Ideal amount of 1 l Zeolite per 400 l water in the system

- after 6 - 8 weeks the Zeolite in the filter must be replaced


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