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Biopellet and media reactors

BioPellet reactor Giga size

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Catalogue number: 70006
EAN: 8594197901186
Dimensions: 285 x 285 x 620
Weight: 5.00 kg
Warranty (months): 120
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BioPellet reactor Giga size

ATB Reactors for biopellets have unique bottom slots and tangential jetting of the noozle that feeds water. This ensures a perfect blending of the pellets and significantly increases their efficiency. The lid and filter screens are easy to remove and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. ATB filters are designed to have a bottom intake and outlet. Thanks to this, they have very compact dimensions while maintaining perfect functionality. They are suitable for both for connection to the main pump bypass as well as for connecting the Sicce pump.

Technical parameters:

  • Volume 28 l capacity (10 l of pellets)
  • Filter weight 5 kg
  • Recommended flow rate 10 000 l / h
  • Connection dimension - screw coupling with a diameter of 32 mm
  • Recommended pump Sicce ADV 10.0 (extra charge)



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