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BioBox sumps

BioBox osmotic tank 400 x 490 x 500

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Catalogue number: 10013
EAN: 8594197900134
Suitable for system volume up to: 0 l
Dimensions: 400 x 490 x 500
Number of filter rows:
Warranty (months): 120
Suitable for ATB Protein skimmers:
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BioBox osmotic tank 400 x 490 x 500

We present you a completely new range of BioBox osmotic tanks by ATB. Our BioBox tanks are made of the highest quality PVC and Plexiglas (8 mm thick) by welding technology. Unlike glass tanks, it ensures strength, toughness and impact resistance and is a 100% guarantee of a waterproof construction with unlimited durability. The use of this technology will allow you to modify or expand your filtration in the future. Our construction perfectly absorbs noise and vibration from your filter technology and pumps. Manufactured with precision and premium quality on CNC machines, using our years of experience in marine aquaria.

DIN connection dia. 20 mm, holes dia. 8 mm for power cords, ready for floating switch installation

Volume 80 l


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