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Calcium reactors and kalkstirrers

CO2 electromagnetic valve for Ca reactors

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Catalogue number: 30010
EAN: 8594197900875
Suitable for system volume up to:  
Low bio-load
0 l
High bio-load
0 l
Performance: 0 W
Dimensions: 0
Weight: 0.40 kg
For tanks up to:
Warranty (months): 24
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CO2 electromagnetic valve for Ca reactors

Working pressure: 0-4 bar
Hose connection on both sides: 4/6 mm
Consumption: 2.5 Watt
Material: Chrome-coated brass, for high chemical resistance
Place the solenoid valve behind the needle valve. Remember that the arrow painted on the valve body shows the direction of CO2 flow to the Ca reactor.


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