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Return and stream pumps

Airstar 16000 Askoll (220V)

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Catalogue number: 110014
EAN: 8594197901674
Performance: 165 (W)
Volume of water: 16000 l
Dimensions: 210 x 130 x 200
Weight: 4.60 kg
Warranty (months): 24
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Airstar 16000 Askoll (220V)

Introducing a whole inovated generation of Airstar Askoll return pumps. These are super quiet pumps with proportional power control fitted with a centrifugal type impeller. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, precision machining on CNC machines and an innovative expansion volute construction, minimal pressure losses occur and an unwanted effect, called "cavitation", which otherwise reduces the efficiency of less-quality pumps, is eliminated. Thanks to the use of titanium fasteners, high-quality carbide bearings and a rotor axis from technical, high-strength ceramics, we can offer a 2 year warranty on our Airstar Askoll series pumps. During construction we are using motor blocks from Askoll type pump (made in Germany), which gained during years of using great reputation betweem aquarists for its lifetime service, robust shape and uncompromising performance.


Technical parameters:

  • ATB Model ATB Airstar 16000 Askoll
  • Power consumption 160 Watts
  • Max head height 4,5 m
  • Output 16000 l / h
  • Dimensions Length 200 x Width 130 x Height 200
  • Intake suction dimensions ø 40 mm, outflow ø 40 mm
  • Weight 4,6 kg


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