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BioBox sumps


BioBox custom sump 500 x 500 x 350

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Catalogue number: 10117
Suitable for system volume up to: 300 l
Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 350
Weight: 20.00 kg
Number of filter rows: 1
Warranty (months): 120
Suitable for ATB Protein skimmers: ATB Nano, Elegance 150, Elegance 150 RS
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BioBox custom sump 500 x 500 x 350

Introducing an entirely new line of sumps - BioBox sumps from the ATB production. Our BioBox sumps are made of the finest PVC and 8 mm thick Plexiglas by welding technology. This ensures, unlike glass filters and tanks, strength, toughness and impact resistance and is 100% guaranteed to be watertight with unlimited durability. Using this technology will allow you to make future adjustments or enhancing your filtering. The used construction perfectly absorbs noise and vibration from your filtering equipment and pumps. Our BioBox sump is a guarantee of crystal clear water in your aquarium. Intelligent solutions of dividers for individual filtration stages ensure the full functionality of the BioBox sump even when the whole range of filter stockings is clogged with waste. Adjustable height of the water level in the skimmer chamber. Manufactured with precision and premium quality on CNC machines, using our years of experience in the field.


Technical specifications:

  • ATB BioBox sump Atyp 500 x 500 x 350
  • 1 x filter series, 2x socks (standard 2x800m)
  • Volume 75 l
  • Suitable for tanks up to approx. 300 l
  • DIN fittings on the left inlet 1 x ø 32 mm, 1 x ø 25 mm
  • DIN fittings for right displacement 1 x ø 32 mm, 1 x ø 25 mm
  • Transparent front wall and covers in the BioBox lid

Accesories for extra charge:

  • Mirror design - right inflow, left return
  • Float level sensor
  • Water heater with thermostat
  • Cable holders
  • Replacement filter socks
  • Adjustment of lid according to used skimmer and other filtration technologies

ATB accessories recommended:

  • Skimers ATB Nano, Elegance 150, Elegance 150 RS
  • ATB Media / Pellet filter Nano
  • ATB Zeolith filter Nano or Small
  • ATB return pumps Airstar 2500 W or Airstar 4000 W


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