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Protein skimmers

Jumbo size external

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Series: ATB External
Catalogue number: 20121
EAN: 8594197903203
Suitable for system volume up to:  
Low bio-load
40000 l
High bio-load
10000 l
Air volume: 14000 l/h
Volume of water: 20 000 l/h
Performance: 232 W
Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 2000 mm
Packaging: EUR palette mm
Weight: 45.90 kg
Water level height in the sump: 60 cm
For tanks up to: 40 000 l
Warranty (months): 60
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Jumbo size external

ATB skimmers achieved a perfect balance between the ratio of intake air and the volume of water in order to achieve a constant, stable foam volume and eliminate turbulence. In 2001 ATB introduced the world's first skimmer with a revolutionary conical shape. Thanks to this design solution, the contact time of air and water is significantly extended and thus the efficiency of the filtration process in the reaction chamber is increased. By combining this effect with the consistent microbubble formation created by ATB air pumps, you get the recipe for uncompromising performance required by both amateur and professional aquarists. Extern skimmers are designed, to be placed outside the filter. They are watertight and their pump is located next to the skimmer. Thanks to this, the volume of the skimmer is maximized, the contact time is extended and the filtration is maximally efficient. This design also makes the skimmer and pump easier to maintain. External skimmers must be fitted with a pump which supplies water to them. They are equipped with overflow protection as standard.

Technical parameters:

extremely quiet, economical and reliable Sicce ADV pumps with a 2+3 year warranty

easy maintenance

highly polished edges

whole PVC construction

conical part of the skimmer with high-quality transparent PET-G without seams and in optical quality

ozone port

waste drain

overflow protection

hybrid pot cleaning 

titanium screws

double sieve and double expansion chamber to extend the contact time

lifetime service support


Note: Try to avoid dosing high iodine near white PVC parts

ATTENTION to replicas of the original and patented ATB design.


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