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Plankton and artemia reactors

Plankton and artemia reactor 20 l

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Catalogue number: 90006
EAN: 8594197901537
Dimensions: 270 x 270 x 500
Weight: 2.20 kg
Warranty (months): 60
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Plankton and artemia reactor 20 l

With our Plankton Reactor 20 l we present an absolute novelty in the field of efficient plankton breeding.
For the first time, the LED light element developed specifically for the product guarantees complete and uniform fluoroscopy of the phytoplankton.


The acrylic glass column with welded-in guarantees the highest quality Components

CNC-milled base and cover plates, as well as the highest quality LED and lighting components.

Possibility of complete draining of the reactor thanks to the ingenious construction of the bottom

Integrated air supply and feeding

Highly effective Cree brand LEDs
Branded power supplies from Meanwell
Maintenance- and noise-free, large-dimensioned passive cooling, anodized aluminum 

More special features

Innovative design,
A rod made of special acrylic glass guarantees a uniform fluoroscopy of the complete column
There are no deposits on the rod, which could minimize the luminosity
Safety through low voltage

Technical specifications: 

Power consumption 15 W
Cree XPG2 6000-6500 K LEDs (white)
1500 lumens
Special acrylic glass pipe for extensive radiation of light
Special sizes can be custom made for you on request!

Delivery contains:

Plankton column
LED lighting element (extra fee)
Meanwell power supply (extra fee)



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