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Reverse osmosis

Replacement in - line carbon filter for Hobby RO

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Catalogue number: 150014
EAN (red): 8594197902107
Warranty (months): 24
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Replacement in - line carbon filter for Hobby RO

In-line activated carbon prefilter for reverse osmosis
For reverse osmosis RO 75 GPD, compatible with all similar RO different
manufacturers JBL, Hw, Aqua medic etc.
The filter is delivered without fittings - these are used from the old filter or them
possible to buy new.
Replacement prefilter Reverse osmosis RO 75 and 100 GPD standard.
In-line, the filling of granular activated carbon is made of high quality
activated carbon from coconut shells. This universal filling is suitable
also for use in ice makers. Removes organic matter and improves
the smell and taste of water. In-line activated carbon filter removes 99% of chlorine and
96% lead.

10 "x 2.0" carbon in-line filter with 1/4 "threads
Maximum flow 1 liter / min
Capacity 3-6 thousand liters
Use for RO of all manufacturers

In-line prefilters come without fittings these are used from old filters and them
it is necessary to "pack with Teflon tape".

Shelf life: 3-6 months, 10000 liters (2,642 gal)
(without fittings these will be used from the old filter)


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