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Reverse osmosis

Replacement RO/DI in - line filter incl. resin (mixbed) cartrige for RO

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Catalogue number: 150019
EAN (red): 8594197902152
Warranty (months): 24
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Replacement RO/DI in - line filter incl. resin (mixbed) cartrige for RO

RO / DI in-line filter set including filling for reverse osmosis
The RO / DI in-line filter set contains
1) RO / DI in-line filter including filling and two pieces of connection (fitting) to a 1/4 "hose
2) Two pieces of holders (clip) for RO membrane housing
3) Hose for connection to RO 1 meter

RO / DI (refillable) in-line filter "mixbed", a mixture of annex and catechol serves
as a final stage for reverse osmosis output - when required to achieve
ultrapure water. Production of 99.9% pure water.

Contains a mixbed specially mixed to remove silicates and other substances from
RO water in a ratio of 70%: 30% (silicates and other substances) designed specifically for
marine aquaristics.

Decisive additional treatment in case of greater pollution of the incoming water, eg phosphates,
silicates, which may contain tap water from surface water treatment plants
especially suitable for marine aquaristics, laboratories. When depleted, the cartridge is replaced.
Service life approx. 100-1600 liters (according to the degree of pollution). Possible replacement for most
equipment from other manufacturers.

Fill content approx. 0.4 liters
Max. temperature: 38 ° C
Max. flow approx. 1.9 liters / min
Minimum temperature: 2 ° C


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