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Protein skimmer pumps

Sicce PSK 1200 (220V)

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Catalogue number: 100010
EAN: 8594197902893
Performance: 20 (W)
Dimensions: 85 x 100 x 110
Weight: 1.40 kg
Air volume: 1100 l/h
Volume of water: 1800 l/h
Warranty (months): 60
Suitable for ATB Protein skimmers: Elegance 200
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Sicce PSK 1200 (220V)

SICCE engineer their skimmer pumps PSK from the ground up to run with maximum efficiency, low heat and reliability to produce pumps that are beyond compare. Every component of the entire pump, not just the impeller, is designed specifically for protein skimmer applications. This is what SICCE engineers call “AIR QUALITY”! Because the pumps are designed specifically for skimmer use, they offer the most efficient air mix ratio. The hydraulic and the mix of water to air flow is optimized for the intake and the pre-chamber design.

Key Features


- For internal and external use

- Rotor with self-cleaning function

- 220 V, 50 Hz IP 68 - CE

- High-strength ceramics axes and bearings

- Easy assembly, disassembly and maintenance

- 5 year warranty


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